You Don’t Have 90 Days to Get Your Online Store Going!

There is a lot to be said about the independence of building a do it yourself online store. You could use an online website builder, add the plug-ins for security, SEO, a payment processor and product viewing options for your store. In times like these you do not have the luxury to learn it all and do it all yourself.

For those retailers that have not been deemed an essential service the fact you can’t open your physical store could mean the death of your business unless you pivot.One way to pivot is to offer your top 10 items online.

KDI is a team of IT professionals that provides network services and web applications including e-commerce shopping carts. If you do your homework we can work together to start with a five page website with a shopping cart where your clients can select and pay for your merchandise and services. It is up to you what choices you offer your customers for delivery. We have a seven step plan to get your store on the web in as fast as one week. For $995 plus taxes, domain and hosting we would work with you to set-up your website with your top 10 items so you can get back in business right away. As time permits you can continue to add more inventory items and continue to grow your business.

If time is not on your side feel free to contact KDI at 1-800-661-1755 or email so you can set up your store online.

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